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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Movie Review: CARS

OK, I typically will NOT do this, (I hate when people 'talk up' a movie raising one's expectations only to have them dashed upon the rocks of disappointment), however, in this case I must congratulate PIXAR for such a splendid effort in the animating aspect of this movie. It is becoming evermore difficult to tell cartoons from real life these days. Some (not all) of the scenes were so detailed, I found myself accepting them as real, which is kinda weird.

I won't describe the plot or premise, I won't even mention the actors who lent their voices. But I will say this movie takes animation to a level never before attained, and albeit a small contribution, I am proud to say I worked on the new PIXAR facilities in Emeryville, CA during construction.

This movie is worth the $9.00 admission to the theatre, and will definitely find its way into our DVD collection.