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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hadji Girl Update

Hat Tip: Outlaw13

There is some good news in this after all..."HADJI GIRL" MARINE: EXONERATED
By Michelle Malkin ยท June 27, 2006 02:41 PMI talked last night with Marine Josh Belile, who was targeted by the Haditha exploiters at CAIR for a satirical song he sang to the troops. He has been exonerated and asked me to post his statement:

It's good to be able to breathe again. I have had a lot of support since this all began, and I want everyone to know that I've read every e-mail, and every message that came my way, and out of nearly 1300 messages, I had one single message that was negative. I can definitely say that this could have been a blessing in disguise. Before this all began, not many people knew of my band, The Sweater Kittenz... and we just played a concert at the largest venue in my local area this past Friday. For the rest of this story go HERE