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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ACLU and MSM Working in Concert to avert the War On Terror

Hat Tip: Jay on 06-27-06 @ 12:31 pm
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At the ACLU’s website we are hearing the shouts of “victory” over the FBI!

The American Civil Liberties Union today declared victory in their legal battle with the FBI over a Connecticut library group’s right to keep patron records private. After dropping their vehement defense of the gag provision accompanying the request, the FBI has now abandoned the demand all together.

“First the government abandoned the gag order that would have silenced four librarians for the rest of their lives, and now they’ve abandoned their demand for library records entirely,” said Ann Beeson, Associate Legal Director of the ACLU. “While the government’s real motives in this case have been questionable from the beginning, their decision to back down is a victory not just for librarians but for all Americans who value their privacy.”

To the ACLU this is a victory for that precious “right” to privacy for the ACLU against the “questionable” motives of the FBI. That is the way those that live in ACLU land see things. Of course there is always more than one perspective to the story. Here’s is how the FBI responded.

In May of 2005, the FBI issued a National Security Letter (NSL) to “The Library Connection”. The Library Connection is a consortium that provides back office support to a group of Connecticut libraries. The NSL requested information relating to a single computer that had been used to send information about a potential terrorist threat. The NSL states that the FBI was seeking specific information on any subscriber of billing information relating to a specific computer used within the 45 minute time period on the day the threat information was transmitted from a library’s computer. It is important to note that the information sought had nothing to do with obtaining reading lists of library patrons or any other information that would be reasonably considered intrusive upon any individual’s rights as a library patron. Obtaining information that could lead to the identity of the person who used a specific computer, at a specific time, to transmit threat information would have helped the FBI more efficiently investigate and evaluate an alleged threat involving terrorism...

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As I said in the title, the Mainstream Media and the ACLU are so much alike in their anti-war/anti American position, it is becoming difficult to determine whose behavior is more egregious. The fact remains, they are both seeking to derail the war on terror. I heard someone say yesterday, they don't hate President Bush because of the war, they hate the war Because of President Bush, and seek to undermine the very government that allows them the Freedom to exist!