"We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." James Madison

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

America must unite: Crosspost

This is an excellent article written by My daily Rant, and can be found Here.

It is extremely difficult to fight a war with the knowledge that if captured you will be tortured and beheaded, your remains desecrated beyond recognition. The difficulty is exacerbated with the knowledge that you have no idea of who it is you are even fighting, what specific political arm of what specific military insurgent organization or if they are simply people wanting only to kill you. When the soldier has knowledge that they should save the last bullet for themselves if caught in that situation, this is not a war, but an armed force against uncontrolled murderers.
The heads of state we are fighting are non-existent, ghosts hiding in the night sending audio and video message though Arabic television affiliates. We are not able to negotiate anything with a ghost, they are not of this earth, they exist on another plane altogether, a plane of death and destruction with no thoughts of give and take, which is required in wartime.

They have no thoughts of protecting their fellow countrymen for that does not exist either, they have no defined country, their country exists of their own choosing within their own mind. They only concern themselves with their own hatred against someone they feel is their enemy only because that nation prospers and succeeds when their own life is filled with devastation.

There was a time within our own history when soldiers of the 7th Calvary lead by a flamboyant George Armstrong Custer fought a war with similar results, total annihilation, their remains found by fellow soldiers were mutilated and desecrated beyond recognition, they were buried where they lay, most in unmarked graves only to be investigated a hundred years later.

Our nation was outraged, a hatred and furor became the common mindset among Americans and we persevered to the eventual destruction of an entire Indian nation, one we should have made peace with in the beginning, but we did not and history was our judge,

Where is that outrage today among our countrymen, where is the battle cry of revenge to make them pay for the desecration of our soldiers, instead we have media outlets printing national secrets, people protesting the events of our country and others spitting on our returning soldiers. We have individuals crying this is not a war, but a Crusade, we did not make it a crusade in fact, our politicians did everything possible to avoid that term, the enemy created the illusion of a crusade, they did so by calling it that, if that is truly the case and it is a crusade, not against religion but a crusade against terrorism then by God we need to fight it as such.

We need less whiners, less criers, name calling and passing the blame, we need more outrage against an enemy that has no respect for the sanctity of life or death, we need a nation united against a common enemy whose only desire is the total destruction of our democracy, of what our country stand for.

It matters not if you support George W. Bush or you hate him, if you feel his policies are insane or that they are right on the money, what matters is he is our President, we elected him through our democratic process that has stood the test of time and whether you agree or not, he is our President.

Yes, we need changes, we need more than changes we need a Ronald Reagan now more than ever, he would not have stood for this, he would have had federal Marshalls take the publishers and reporters of the Times into custody and worked to unite the people of America, the land he loved more than life. What we do have is a President who has dedicated himself to a fight not against tyranny or foreign rule, but against the total destruction of our way of life, America, what we are, what we stand for and by God we need to support him and whomever follows in his footsteps, for this war will not go away simply by pulling our military our of their country. It will go on, Americans will perish and they will continue to do so as long as people as bin Laden, the Taliban and others want to destroy our way of life.

We need a united front against a multi-united enemy and we need to fight it with every ounce of our strength, our support, our prayers and our resources. Most of all, we need to fight it as a united America and we need to do it now.

Hat tip: Bushwhack.