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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

N. Korea Launches Missile Into Sea of Japan


Jul 04 4:12 PM US/Eastern
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North Korea test launched a missile early Wednesday morning that landed in the Sea of Japan, Japanese media reported.

North Korea launched the missile at 0332 Japan Time and it crashed into the Sea of Japan several minutes later, public broadcaster NHK reported.

NHK said Japanese government officials were trying to determine whether the missile was a long-range ballistic missile that had been readied for launch recently, or whether it was a different missile.

North Korea had been believed to be preparing a test launch of its Taepodong 2 missile, which is believed able to reach parts of the United States.

Officials were not immediately available to confirm the report.


OK, Boys and Girls, this is where things get dicey.

WASHINGTON — North Korea vowed on Monday to respond with an "annihilating" nuclear strike if it is attacked pre-emptively by the United States
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Yesterday they threaten us with an "annihilating" nuclear strike, today they launch a missle into the Sea of Japan.
Well President Bush, what's our choices now? Is this a calculated move to bring them back in the game, or are they ready to "get after it" in an all out nuclear war?
Do we act pre-emptively, and dismantle there armament, or wait until they fire another shot 'across our bow' in a challenge?

Personally, I think it's time to take the toys away from that child and spank his butt... HARD!

Update: A second missle has been fired!!! Two missle’s have been fired according to Norad!
Reports are coming in….Drudge Report has the siren up. The story is developing that North Korea has test lauched a missle. More to come.
CNN reporting: It is not the long range weapon we have been monitoring.