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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ACLU Wants Suspected Terrorists Allowed Back Into U.S.

by Jay on 08-29-06 @ 3:36 pm
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From the NY Times we learn that once again the ACLU either doesn’t care or doesn’t have a brain when it comes to keeping the country safe. Whichever is the case they are actively undermining our security on a daily basis. This is just the latest example.

Federal authorities have prevented two relatives of a father and son convicted recently in a terrorism-related case from returning home to California from Pakistan unless they agree to be interviewed by the F.B.I.

It is unclear whether the men, Muhammad Ismail, 45, and his son Jaber, 18, have a direct connection to the terrorism case or if they have been caught up in circumstance.

The United States attorney’s office in Sacramento declined Monday to answer questions about the Ismails beyond confirming that the men had not been permitted to fly into the United States and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation wanted to question them.

The United States attorney, McGregor W. Scott, reiterated a comment he had made to The San Francisco Chronicle, which reported Saturday about the Ismails’ troubles.

“They’ve been given the opportunity to meet with the F.B.I. over there and answer a few questions, and they’ve declined to do that,” Mr. Scott said through a spokeswoman, Mary Wenger.

The Ismails live in Lodi, Calif., a small farming town south of Sacramento, where their relatives Umer Hayat and his son, Hamid, were arrested last summer as part of what federal prosecutors said was an investigation into terrorist links.

The Hayats are the only people to have been charged. Hamid Hayat, the nephew of Muhammad Ismail and the cousin of Jaber, was convicted in April of supporting terrorists by attending a training camp in Pakistan. Umer Hayat, in a deal reached with prosecutors after jurors deadlocked on terrorism charges, pleaded guilty in May to lying to the authorities about carrying $28,000 to Pakistan from California.

The Ismails discovered they were on the federal government’s no-fly list of people not allowed to enter the United States after they were refused permission to board a connecting flight in Hong Kong on April 21; they had been trying to return to California after several years in Pakistan, said Julia Harumi Mass of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, who is representing them.

Who are we fighting against again? I thought it was the Islamofacists, but I appear to be only half right. The ACLU evidently represents terrorists and will fight for their "ABSOLUTE" rights.

Was Julia Harumi Mass dropped on her head?! These idiots have NO idea what kind of damage to our country they are underwritiing in the name of civil rights! This is not the 50's or the 60's anymore. There are real people bent on inflicting as much terror on this country at any cost, and the ACLU is doing what they can to insure success!