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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just a reminder about who and why we are fighting

Sorry I've gone black for the last week, I work for a living, and sometimes I just don't have time to blog. But I'm back now.

By Dennis Prager
Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last year at UCLA, I debated a professor who argued that Israel and the Palestinians were moral equivalents. He is not alone (especially on college campuses) in his lack of understanding of the immoral nature of the Islamic enemies of America and Israel.
Thus it is important to remind people once again about the moral world inhabited by the people we are fighting, whom President George W. Bush calls the Islamic Fascists.

U.S. civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (L) meets Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus August 28, 2006. Jackson, who is leading a group of Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders on a humanitarian mission to the Middle East, has met exiled leaders of Hamas in Syria to try and mediate a prisoners' exchange between the Palestinian movement and Israel, a high level Hamas member said on Monday. QUALITY FROM SOURCE REUTERS/

Societal examples:

-- The Islamic Republic of Sudan, in its attempt to force Arab/Muslim rule on the largely non-Arab and non-Muslim population of southern Sudan, has led to the killing of well above 1 million Christians and animists and black (i.e., non-Arab) Muslims, in addition to the widespread enslavement, rape and torture of those people.

-- No major international Arab or Muslim organization has condemned the Sudanese government's mass murders that border on genocide.

-- The leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly denied the Holocaust and repeatedly called for the annihilation of Israel. As the 6 million Jews of Israel do not plan a mass exodus from their ancient and modern homeland, such annihilation would in fact mean another Holocaust.

-- The holy center of Islam, the Muslim country where the holiest Muslim sites are situated, is Saudi Arabia. That country bans the practice of any religion other than Islam, amputates hands of thieves, does not allow women to drive a car, mandates what women wear outside of their homes and is the only country in the world to feature a weapon on its national flag. Women were treated considerably better and had more civil rights in ancient Rome, not to mention ancient Israel, than women living in the holiest cities of Islam today.

-- Virtually every Islam-based country decrees the death penalty for any Muslim who converts to another religion.

In other words, every country that calls itself "Islamic" is morally inferior to just about every country in North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, almost every Asian country and many African countries.
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Now we have "the great civil rights leader Jesse Jackson" meeting with the very individuals who are in positions of leadership of the Islamofacists. He must be related to Jimmah Carter!

It occured to me this morning, the Liberal left, in critisizing President Bush, and demmanding we pull out of this "Unjust War" would seem to be saying Human Rights really don't matter... Anywhere. Granted, the war in Iraq isn't being fought for human rights per-say, but for the simple reason that during the speech given by President Bush September 20, 2001, the President stated "any Country that supports terrorists will be considered an enemy of the United States and the free world". We need to clean up, and finish strong, and get ready for the next one.