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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Unbelievable post stolen from Bushwhack!

Bushy posted this, and after watching the short Hannity and Colmes, I went balistic!

An email I received today really pissed me off, Here it is.Friends, Countrymen,In June 2005 Hannity and Colmes interviewed a fellow named Mike Crook, who ran a website called Foresake the Troops. I highlighted the interview on my own site, left a few choice words of my own, and left it at that.

Well here we are over a year later, and out of the blue Mr. Crook is slapping me with libel and is also trying to get my blog host to punish me for it! I, of course, shared the entire debacle with my readers:
An Anti-War Activist Challenges the Pigeon's Free Speech

Where's my musket!?
Many regards,
The Mad Pigeon
Capt James D. Fielder, USAF
Spc - Sgt, USA 1994-1999

So I checked the links and found out this idiot Mike Crook exists? And is allowed to walk and breathe free due to the efforts of our military. He chooses to insult our Military from behind a computer and while hiding behind lawyers. He doesn’t realize that his views are hazardous to his health and the Lawyers at the ACLU can’t protect him from slightly deranged individuals with different views….I’m just saying…Be careful Mike, I’d hate for something bad to happen to you just because you exercised your right to be a moron. Visit The Mad Pigeon and lend him your support.

See the video here.