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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ride for a fallen hero SSgt Christopher Webb

Today, I had the honor and privilage of riding with the PatriotGuard to show my support for a fallen hero. His name was SSgt Christopher Webb, and he was KIA 07 March 2007 in Iraq. God speed SSgt Webb, HOOAH!

About the ride.
There were approximately 33 riders and 2 support vehicles today, all with the intent on showing respect for our hero.

As I was riding to the funeral in formation, there were a lot of thoughts and feelings going through my head: Amazing exhilaration riding with so many thundering pipes and American Flags waving in the air, listening to the shouts of support from citizens while riding through Hemet, CA, and wondering if we would encounter protestors. (No protestors around).

After arriving at the church, the widow of SSgt Webb came out to great us and we each had the opportunity to express our personal condolences to her and her family. That in itself was worth the ride, but she also invited us to participate with the color guard toward the end of the service. Veterans were invited and encouraged to snap a salute while taps were played, and the Ride Captain ‘Sparks’ called to "Present Arms!" and "Order Arms!" Nobody does that like a Marine!

Indeed, the ride home was a quiet and thoughtful, saying a prayer for the family of SSgt Webb and one for a safe ride for my fellow PGRs. I am a better person for it.

The Staging area

Going over the route

Before the service

Discussing the color guard participation

Patriot Guard Rider flying the Colors