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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Hey all, remember this post from last June? When I saw these pictures, I was ammused and remembered some of the stuff we did in the Navy that wasn't quite 'MilSpec' but never thought I'd run into the artist. Well guess what. Turns out he's darn near a neighbor! Craig tells 'The rest of the Story' on his website TheBleedingOnion. Here is an exerpt:

"...By mid-day, I was getting a little bored of the painting and being a smart-ass, decided to make one of the spots into the figure of a girl, similar to the “Mud-flap” girl. I had gotten part of the head, back and breast done when one of the other guys on my squadron’s paint detail approached and noticed what I was doing. I personally was not planning on leaving it, I was just amusing myself. But my co-painter thought it was funny and joined in. He helped with the hair, since I was having a problem with it and he tackled rear-end.

Soon enough, everyone else on the detail joined in and we worked through the night using large lights on a generator. I figured if the enemy saw the pictures, maybe they would pause for a moment and double check, giving me enough time to pop off some rounds..."

His story is very interesting, and for my friends who spent time in Kuwait and Iraq during Desert Storm, it'll have a bit more meaning. Maybe one of these days I'll ride on over and buy him a beer.

Semper Fi! Craig, and thanks for your service.