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Monday, August 07, 2006

Bush Presses Comprehensive U.N. Action

Aug 7, 11:32 AM (ET)


CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - President Bush on Monday said he anticipates that Hezbollah and Israel will not agree with all aspects of a Mideast cease-fire resolution but said "we all recognize that the violence must stop."

The president said the United States and its allies were pressing for a comprehensive solution that would restore Lebanon's sovereignty and provide a lasting peace.

Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke about the Mideast during a meeting with reporters at his Texas ranch. Rice is expected to go to the United Nations for deliberations on twin resolutions for a cease-fire and the establishment of a peacekeeping force.

She called the resolutions "a reasonable basis that I think both sides can accept" once details are worked out. Bush said the goal was to find consensus quickly on a resolution calling for a cessation of violence.

"I understand that both parties aren't going to agree with all aspects of the resolution," the president said. "But the intent of the resolutions is to strengthen the Lebanese government so Israel has got a partner in peace."

At the United Nations, the United States and France delayed action on the cease-fire measure to consider demands from Lebanon and Arab states over the withdrawal of Israeli troops.

I am still inclined to believe the only conversation that should to be occuring is between Lebanon and Israel with the total content focusing on how they are going to team up with each other to remove the cyst known as Hezbollah from their butts. If they need outside surgical help, the U.S. is available. Otherwise, We, France and the Arab states need to butt out and let Isreal clean house!