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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Iran's smuggling of uranium

Shipment of bomb-making material
from 'closed' Congo site intercepted

Posted: August 6, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Source: Worldnetdaily

Tanzanian customs officials have uncovered an Iranian smuggling operation transporting large quantities of bomb-making uranium from the same mines in the Congo that provided the nuclear material for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima sixty-one years ago today, reports the London Sunday Times.

A United Nations report, outlining the interception last October, said there is "no doubt" the smuggled uranium-238 came from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's mineral-rich Katanga province.

The Shinkolobwe uranium mine was officially closed and its main shafts covered with concrete in 1961, before the country became independent from Belgium, but U.N. investigators have reported evidence of ongoing mining operations.

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The amount of evidence continues to grow indicating Iran is closing in on Nuclear capibilities. IMO, if Iran is allowed to fulfill their desire of Nuc's, our problems will grow exponentially. It won't be 'just another country with nucs', it will be a country, bent on the world's conversion to Islam... at ALL COSTS.

Slightly off topic...
While writing this oped, it occurs to me that the reason we haven't heard a great deal from the Muslims in America, is because they view themselves in a win-win situation. If things stay the same, they are American, and have nothing to worry about. Freedom to worship and all. But if the 'Axis of Evil' overtakes this Country and the world, they have nothing to worry about either because they practice the Muslim faith. (However, the problem of inner faith violence and murder would soon follow. Historically, Muslims can't even get along with each other, much less other faiths. So much for the 'religion of peace'.)

I personally see the 'silent' American Muslims as cowardly and traitorous. With the previously mentioned mindset, the Country that provides them the freedom to worship in the manner they choose is ultimately insignificant to their future, and therefore, unnecessary to defend. Given this, their quiet apathy can then be seen as afirmation to the overthrow of the our government, but would result in the elimination of the very freedom that they currently enjoy.