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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Analysis: Preparing a strategy for the 'Day After'

Aug. 2, 2006 1:52 Updated Aug. 2, 2006 17:13

Most of us expect that a cease-fire agreement will be signed and that the hostilities in Lebanon and Israel will end immediately. What a pity that these expectations will never be fulfilled.

Fire never "ceases" in the Middle East. There are not enough firefighters to extinguish the fire.
The agreement will be signed by Lebanon, Israel and the UN. The dissenters - Hizbullah and Syria, which will not be partners in the cease-fire - will not be responsible for implementing it. Therefore, they will continue to cooperate in regrouping, rebuilding and re-equipping Hizbullah for the next campaign.

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This is absolutely true. Hezbollah is not a Country, but a terrorist organization that has NO Accountability to anyone. They are a band of fanatics that justify their behavior by twisted idiology that dates back several thousand years.

Israel needs to hit them so hard, so fast, so continuously, that their spirit and their will is broken. But will Israel have the courage to do what is necessary, or will they draw back, bowing to the political pressure from the U.N.? Only time will tell.