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Monday, July 31, 2006

IDF hack Hizballah TV

Source: Yoni the blogger

One of the unknown facts is that Israel has a computer hacking unit. A number of years ago a young Israeli hacked into the most secure computer files of the FBI. When he tried out for the computer warfare unit he didn't make the cut. Instead he became a soldier in Golani.

Today this unit of the IDF hacked into al-Manar TV the TV of Hizballah.

Shown on the screen was the face of Nasrallah with the following three messages,

Nasrallah your time is up,

soon you will not be with us any more.

Your days are numbered.

Maybe just maybe the political leadership is starting to turn of parts of the IDF loose to work.

Oh, those sneaky guys are playing games with Hezbollah now... Next they'll putting a Groucho Nose on Nasrallah.