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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Off Shore Drilling? 'bout time

McCain urges end to ban on offshore drilling
Associated Press
June 17, 2008

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- Sen. John McCain said Monday the federal moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling should be lifted, and individual states given the right to pursue energy exploration in waters near their coasts.

With gasoline prices rising and the United States chronically dependent on foreign oil, the Republican presidential contender said his proposal would ''be very helpful in the short term resolving our energy crisis.''

McCain also suggested giving the states incentives, including a greater share of royalties paid by companies that drill for oil, as an incentive to permit exploration.

Well, this is a step (baby step) in the right direction. As we begin to move closer to the general election, clarity of positions will be paramount. We must be able to see the difference between John McCain and Barack Obama to make logical decisions based on fact, not emotion. In this case, the mere implication of lifting the ban on offshore drilling will directly affect the oil futures, and as quickly as we've seen prices rise at the pump, we will see a decline. The problem is a democratic congress led by the most incompetent Speaker of the House to ever darken the doorway. Her statement last week once again implicated President Bush for the price hikes. What she failed to mention however, is gas prices didn't begin to climb until the Democrats took congress in 2006.

Now to all you disenfranchised republicans that wanted to teach our representatives a lesson in 2006, I hope you're all driving hybrids.

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