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Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Global Warming?

First, there was the fear that our careless use of natural resources was effecting the environment in a profound and irreparable manner that would lead us to the brink of destruction. A movie was made, followed by a Nobel Peace Prize and an Academy Award that underscored the accuracy of the claim. However, most, if not all of the supporting data has been proven to be either inaccurate or just plain false. In fact, historical data has shown the world has been in a temperature decline over the last ten years, with this last winter being the coldest in 54 years, and one of the top ten coldest since records were kept.

So, the question that begs to be asked is if global warming is basically a hoax, what would be the driving factor behind the perpetuation of such a falsehood? Enter this month’s edition of Golf Digest. A full 3 page add by IBM spills the beans. This is the add and context of the advertisement:

“104 Billion Dollars …Amount U.S. Consumers are expected to spend on Green Goods and Services in 2008.

Going green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the bottom line. We met one on one with 1130 CEOs and business leaders from around the world to get their unique perspectives on the environment, the population explosion and other challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.”

For all of you lemmings who fell for this rouse hook, line, and sinker, know that the dollars you spent supporting the initial hysteria will greatly profit those companies who capitalize on hysteria, and the many who invest in Green Companies. And I’m sure at some point, it will again be Bush’s fault for not telling the truth.

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