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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Note from Gathering of Eagles

Gathering of Eagles Logo

The following is a note on the "Gathering of Eagles" as found in SEALS/SPECOPS INK

A number of you might remember that thousands of patriotic Americans confronted Cindy Sheehan during her March on the Pentagon in March of last year. What you probably don't know is that one of our SEAL brothers, Larry Bailey, organized that rally, called "Gathering of Eagles."

That rally was so successful in confronting Sheehan's people (they only put 12,000 or so on the Mall compared to GOE's estimated 30,000) that the rally became the movement of the same name--"Gathering of Eagles," or GOE. Since that first event, GOE has been in the face of the such demonstrators as Code Pink, A.N.S.W.E.R., the Communist Party USA, United for Peace and Justice, among many others--on dozens of occasions.

To date, GOE's protests have been pretty much local events with little or no coordination from the top. Now, though, Larry says that they are ready to "go national" in the sense that the group needs to hire a full-time Executive Director and launch a national advertising program. Up to now, it's been an all-volunteer effort, except for hiring a webmaster for their website

Larry asked me to pass the word to my mailing list and to ask that you SEALs (and others!) get involved. I'm glad to do that. These guys are doing the work and doing it well. Last year, for example, they organized "Recruiter Appreciation Day," and some 500 recruiting offices across the country were treated to coffee and pastries by Eagles. And just last week they confronted the anti-war types in front of the recruiting offices in Charlotte, NC, and Pittsburgh, PA, and they absolutely routed them. In Pittsburgh, when the "moonbats" saw how many Eagles were standing in opposition, they simply turned around and left!

Check out the GOE website, and if you like what you see, sent them a few bucks.