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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

HORSE FIRE INCIDENT San Diego, Co, California

Horse Fire Incident Information: Source

Last Updated: July 25, 2006 11:00 am
Date/Time Started: July 23, 2006 6:04 am
Administrative Unit: CDF San Diego Unit / Cleveland National Forest
County: San Diego
Location: 5 miles south of Alpine, Horse Thief Canyon
Acres Burned: 15,400
Containment: 5% - 15,400 acres
Threatened: 1,500 residences
Evacuations: Madatory evacuations for Carvaacre
Voluntary evacuations for Horse Thief Canyon, Sky Valley Ranch, Corte Madera, Pine Valley, Guaty, Barrett Honor Camp, Corral Canyon ORV, Lake Marina & Potrero.
Injuries: 2
Cause: Human Cause

This is interesting. A fire was started yesterday in San Diego Co, CA. As you view the data, you will notice that the source of this fire is Human.

Now, if the source would have been young children playing with fireworks, or a vehicle accident, or even lightening strikes, this would be all over the Lame Stream Media. But what was perviously posted on the CDF website, then subsequently removed within the last couple of hours is that investigators believe this fire was started by an illegal camp fire by illegal immigrants coming across the border. Last I heard, not one MSM agency is carring it.

I have talked here about the financial impact of illegal immigrants driving without insurance, loading up the emergency rooms, filling the public schools and all the other burdens that is put on legal citizens, but lets see what the current cost is for fighting this fire:

Total Fire Personnel: 1,164 (214 CDF)
Fire crews: 14 (9 CDF)
Engines: 176 (15 CDF)
Airtankers: 6 CDF
Helicopters: 6
Dozers: 6 (3 CDF)
Water tenders: 13
Costs to date: $1.1 million (and growing fast)

This is the bad part. There are 3 factors that contribute to the spread rate of a wildland fire:

1. Topography- Basically, the "Lay of the land"

2. The Fuel Load- Basically the growth and moisture content

3. The Weather- Out of these three factors, the weather contributes the most, and right now, our weather is extremely conducive to fast fire spread; see below:

Current Wind Conditions: 8 mph
Current Temperature: 95 degrees
Current Humidity: 30 %
Forecasted Wind Conditions: 5-15 mph SE
Forecasted Temperature: 103 degrees
Forecasted Humidity: 21 %

I heard it suggested this morning on Rick Roberts talk show, that we send the bill to Mexico. Thats a laugh! That will NEVER happen.