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Friday, November 23, 2007

What are you doing Protect your Children

A good friend of mine and her brother started a website called 'Warriors for Innocence' last year. But unlike the undisciplined sort that throw their hat into a ring, then walk away of interest wanes, Sues has worked diligently to develop a network of good folks and a rapport with local law enforcement officials to help combat the onslaught of child predators that we face today.

No longer can parents safely let their children play all day without worries; that time has past. But Sues has provided another very useful tool to inform and instruct parents of the dangers our children face, and how to best shield them from the animals disguised as friends.

You can hear her in this phone interview that recently aired on KCOY channel 12 from Santa Barbara, CA, and you can visit the website by clicking on the Warriors for Innocence link above.
Thank you Sues, for working so hard to make a difference in our communities.