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Monday, February 26, 2007

Workers OK new pact at Harley plant

WHHEEWWWW!!!!! Huge exhale!

Most of you know I ordered a 2007 FLHX Patriot Edition
(Navy Logo, see below) back in December, But when I called to get an update a few weeks ago, the saleman dropped the bomb! "Gawfer" he said, "I have some bad news. Though your bike has been built, Harley went on strike and there isn't anyone to load it on the truck. We're sorry but your bike won't ship until March given an agreement is reached."

Puddles and puddles of tears have been shed over the last few weeks, hoping against all odds that 'my precious' would find it's way here. Well yippie!!! an agreement has been reached. Put the bike on the truck and get it here NOW! And by the way, I want a bunch of free stuff now because of the heartache I've had to endure!

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Unionized workers at Harley-Davidson Inc.'s largest manufacturing plant overwhelmingly approved a new labor agreement Thursday, ending a strike that halted motorcycle production for three weeks.
Eighty-three percent of those who voted endorsed the contract, which calls for a 12 percent wage increase over three years, the union said in a statement. Starting wages for new employees will be lower, but they will be able to advance to the same maximum rate earned by current employees.
Nearly 2,800 workers at the plant in York had been on strike since Feb. 2. The union rejected a company contract proposal that provided 4 percent annual raises but reduced pay for new hires and lowered health-insurance and pension benefits.
The strike disrupted Harley-Davidson's national production and had ripple effects as far away as Wisconsin, where 440 employees were laid off Feb. 12. The walkout also forced many Harley suppliers to lay off workers.
Under the new deal, workers won't pay health care premiums, but their deductibles and co-payments will be higher, the company said. Also, the company will reduce its matching of optional contributions made by new employees to the pension plan.
''The agreement is an important step in managing costs that could be detrimental to the business over the long term if the company doesn't start to control them now,'' said Fred Gates, general manager of Harley-Davidson's York operations.

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