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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Waiting for the Mahdi

This is a long but insightful article about what Iranian TV (IRIB) is broadcasting regarding the 12th Imam. I have posted the entire article on my ghost blog as it is very long, but have provided a link at the bottom.

Waiting for the Mahdi: Official Iranian Eschatology Outlined in Public Broadcasting Program in IranThe website of the governmental Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has posted a lengthy document titled "The World toward Illumination." The document is a transcript of an IRIB series on the imminent arrival of the Mahdi, the Twelfth or Hidden Imam, awaited by Shi'ites as the Messiah.(1)

The program describes in glowing terms the messianic age to be inaugurated by the Mahdi. He is to begin his uprising in Mecca, and then march on Iraq, where he will establish his "seat of world government" in the city of Kufa and subjugate the current world powers. This will be an age of unparalleled happiness; there will be completely new technologies at mankind's disposal, and "corruption, war, and rebellion will no longer exist." Neither will "liberal democratic civilization.

"Various days of the year are mentioned as being propitious for the appearance of the Mahdi, though the program says that the precise date cannot be known.

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