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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pope Says He's 'Deeply Sorry' for Reaction to Islam Speech

Sunday, September 17, 2006

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy — Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that he was "deeply sorry" about the angry reaction to his recent remarks about Islam, which he said came from a text that didn't reflect his personal opinion.

"These [words] were in fact a quotation from a medieval text which do not in any way express my personal thought," Benedict told pilgrims at his summer palace outside Rome.

The pope sparked the controversy when, in a speech Tuesday to university professors during a pilgrimage to his native Germany, he cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, Islam's founder, as "evil and inhuman."

"At this time I wish also to add that I am deeply sorry for the reactions in some countries to a few passages of my address at the University of Regensburg, which were considered offensive to the sensibility of Muslims," the pope said Sunday.

Benedict noted that the Vatican's secretary of state had issued a statement Saturday trying to explain the pope's speech.

"I hope that this serves to appease hearts and to clarify the true meaning of my address, which in its totality was and is an invitation to frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect," Benedict said.
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First of all, I think there isn't a human alive that isn't sorry for the reaction of Muslims. We are ALL disappointed that they cannot express themselves in any way other than violent burnings of images of the Pope, or attacking embassies because of cartoons. This is just another example of why they cannot be reasoned with, which by the way includes negotiating. Walking on eggshells around a group of individuals is not my idea of peaceful existence.

And to all my liberal friends who stop by but don't comment, which one of these Muslims would you suggest we appease? Another question, is this also a GOP scam? Does this underwrite your idea that they really are a religion of peace?

Now, I am disappointed that the Pope said "it came from a text that didn't reflect his personal opinion". That sentence alone undermined the very essence of his speech.

Word on the street has it that even the European nations are growing weary of these violent outbursts. I'd say put the Muslims in preschool for their childish behavior, but Muhammad was a Pedophile and his teachings would certainly influence that behavior as well.