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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Compromised Personal Information

I, along with several bloggers, and 26 million other American Veterans recently had our ID's stolen from someone's house... House? what the heck was that disc doing in that guy's house anyway?!

Evidently, this crime occured on the 3rd of May... Wait a minute! That was 3 weeks ago! And the VA is just now telling us?! Can you say "Cover up" gone bad? I thought'cha could.

Having a chat this morning with my bud Texas Fred, I found out that unless there is a class action suit filed against the Veteran's Administration, We're all screwed!

According to the VA, we should all monitor our credit reports to insure no unauthorized accounts have been opened in our names... Oh Really?! And who is going to foot the bill for continuous monitoring of our credit reports?

TF's comment was "don't expect any help from the VA... it's next to impossible to even get an asprin out'a those guys"...

Oh, that sounds promising indeed...

UPDATE: The VA is sending a letter to every living Veteran telling us our IDs were stolen...

A citation for TF :)