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Monday, May 22, 2006

Jodie Foster unhinged

May 19, 2006
by Mike Gallagher

I am so relieved to discover that movie star Jodie Foster thinks that America is in worse shape than it was four years ago and that the graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania needs to march out and do something about it, as in voting for Democrats. Funny, just the other day I remember thinking about how worried I am about Miss Foster’s assessment of our country as we struggle with illegal immigration, high gas prices, and most importantly, the war against Islamic lunatics. Thankfully, her commencement address at Penn recently cleared up any confusion about the “Flightplan” star’s political beliefs...

...And yet when someone who has a legitimate and powerful role on the world stage is invited to be a commencement speaker, but is a vital part of the Bush Administration, the list of protests by faculty and students is a mile long. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might just be the perfect commencement speaker, a black woman who rose from poverty to become an architect of foreign policy and a widely respected member of a presidential cabinet. No less than two hundred faculty members signed a letter of protest after Boston College invited Dr. Rice to deliver the commencement address there. Two hundred out of approximately one thousand faculty members at Boston College have signed this ugly petition...

A couple of weeks ago, Jarhead John posted
about Steve Almond, a professor of English who resigned his position because of SoS Rice giving the commencement speech at Boston College.

JJ took a little heat because he critisized this knucklehead for protesting someone of great importance to the United States... I wonder if Professor Almond also protested Jodie Foster...

I doubt it.