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Thursday, May 04, 2006

3rd post about my recent trip to the Bay Area

OK, I know it's like time delayed... about 4 days, but some things have to process before I can comment with clarity.

Monday morning, the day of the 'Un-American boycott of 2006', my host for the weekend and I set out for a good breakfast. A local restaurant in Antioch, Sylvia's Kitchen, who is known for just about the best breakfasts in the land, and will rival any truck stop decided to close for the day, and to add insult to my injured tummy, she flew the Stars and Stripes. My desire, though I didn't act on it, was to go turn that flag upside down to match her anti-American choice to support criminals in this country. I'll now forfeit those great breakfasts when I'm in town. Too bad.

My generous host then suggested another restaurant that is very popular here on the west coast, Mimi's Café. So off we go hoping that Mimi's is open. Approaching the restaurant, good news: cars in the parking lot... further good news, music coming from the speakers out side the restaurant, and finally... Yes! The door opens and we are greeted by the hostess.

Seats are easy to find and after we settle in, I ask to speak to the manager. My host got a little concerned that I was upset, and he didn't want me to say something that might cause them to 'spit in our food' as he put it. I told him to relax.

When the manager arrived at our table she asked if everything was ok. I said "yes, but I asked you to come to our table so I could say thank you for not honoring the 'great Un-American boycott of 2006". She rubbed my back, and said it was rough, but evidently the General Manager made it clear that he needed to run a business, and if the employees didn't show up on Monday, then they shouldn't bother showing up on Tuesday because they wouldn't be welcomed. Kudos to Mimi's!

The manager also told me her Lead Chef had his green card but was studying to get his citizenship and that she said had earned her respect. Awesome! The way it's supposed to be! But then she followed up by saying it is so difficult and expensive to get American Citizenship, $5,000.00, that most can't afford it.

Well, here's my take:
It isn’t supposed to be cheap and easy! Anything worth while takes hard work and sacrifice, so that when the goal is attained, one has pride, a sense of accomplishment and places a high value on what is earned.

Further, the United States has NEVER been the place for the dregs of the world to gather! Back in the day, to even apply for citizenship, people needed American Sponsors, and were then required to have blood tests to insure no diseases were entering our country.

Here’s a personal note:
Six years ago during a routine check up, my 2 oldest daughters at the time 5 and 7 year olds, tested positive for being exposed to Tuberculosis, and had to endure 1 year each of hideous oral medicine. They will always test positive now, and will never be able to donate blood. Had I known who exposed them, I would probably be serving time right now for at least manslaughter. When we asked the Doctor how this thing could have happened, he said a simple sneeze in the mall, or a hand shake with someone infected is all it takes.

Attaining Citizenship is NOT SUPPOSE TO BE EASY!!! And it never was!
And a wall along with deportation will in fact decrease health issues for Americans not only in emergency room visits, but in exposures to contagious diseases as well!

It was a good few days off though.

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