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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

By Whom Is Congress Employed?

As a democratic republic, we the people elect Congressmen and Senators to represent us in government. Their salaries are paid by us, the constituents, and as such they are our employees indentured to us. They do not rule over us, but rule for us on our behalf. So when they vote to give themselves a vacation in spite of the serious and immediate energy crisis’, they are not fulfilling their commitments to their elected offices.

Recently, a few Republican Congressmen decided to stand fast and draw attention to the negligence of the current leadership, and have requested that the White House exercise its privilege to force Congress to hold an emergency session.

Bobby Eberle writes:
“…Congressmen sent letters to the president. GOPUSA activists did so as well. However, the White House has come back with a reply: No thanks. The administration rejected the calls from House Republicans and grassroots conservatives, saying it "won't make a difference." Sorry, but that is the wrong decision.
We finally have Republicans stepping forward and taking on the Democrats. We have grassroots activists rallying behind these leaders in support. And... we have the White House pouring water on the small flames that could've spread to a larger fire of energy and support leading up to Election Day. Great job!
As reported in The Hill, White House spokesman Tony Fratto said, "We don't have plans to call Congress into session -- it won't make a difference if Democratic leaders are unwilling to bring up a bill for an up-down vote."
Make no difference? Come on! The Hill notes that "while the president can declare that Congress must sit for an emergency session, he cannot set the agenda -- only the leadership of the majority party can do that." Wrong! President Bush can set the agenda in the minds of the American people. Who cares what Pelosi puts down on the congressional agenda. If President Bush would simply address the American people and tell them that he is bringing Congress back into session to address the country's energy problems, then Republicans and the American people win. Each day that passes without Pelosi focusing on the issue is another day where America can see what the Democrats are all about. And the White House says that it won't make a difference???...”

In spite of a 9% approval rating for congress, and a 72% positive opinion nationwide to lift the ban on off shore exploration and drilling, The White House has disobeyed the direction of its employer; we the people, subsequently allowing the Congress to be defiant toward their employers as well. Any business or corporation would have terminated the employment of these individuals months ago; yet the likes of the Pelosi House continues to thrive.

One might ask why the Democrats are so resolute in their defiance. Simply because they exist in the comfort of deep pockets of the ‘environmental terrorist left’; who ultimately want to keep the price of our natural resources high so as to discourage and limit use. After all, humans are bad.

They know that offshore drilling will directly impact the price of fuel. Heck, the mere mention of offshore drilling will immediately affect the price. Look no further than 3 weeks ago when President Bush announced his decision to lift the executive ban on offshore drilling: within a week, the price per barrel decreased from $147.00 to its current $121.00.

There are other opportunities to affect the energy crisis as well.

  • Nuclear Power is so far advanced now; it can be quickly implemented with no affects to the environment. The previous concern was the resulting waste. But with current technology, breeders can be built to rejuvenate the fuel for reuse, thereby all but eliminating nuclear waste. By the way, Nuclear power emits exactly 0% gases.
  • Solar energy is another source of energy that is becoming highly useful and very profitable. Solar fields are becoming common place in the high deserts of California, yet Congress has failed to offer any substantial incentives to potential owners/producers.
  • Windmills are another source of environmentally safe energy that produces no off-gasses and only the occasional dead bird that flies in the Propeller.
  • Hydro-electric generators are relatively easy to install and any waterway with minimal flow can produce usable quantities of energy with NO affect on the environment. Helical turbines run at 70% efficiency, meaning if the water flows at 20mph, the turbine spins at 14 mph which is more than enough to spin large generators.

These are simple solutions to a big problem that our employees have failed to address. It is time for Congress to step up and earn the money, free travel, health insurance, and retirement they are receiving from WE THE PEOPLE.

CONGRESS: Go back to work…NOW!

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