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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Obama and the Flag

You don't think Barack hates this country?

Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton, and Ruth Harkin during our National Anthem. This guy wants to be president of the United States. Why? What kind of change can we expect?

Kinda makes the following post a little clearer, doesn't it?

OK, the following is a comment I posted earlier this evening on a different thread that clarify's what I'm implying:

Read the subsequent post, reflect on why he evaded answering the question "Why don't you wear a flag on your label", attempt to figure just what exactly he wants to change about this country, (i.e. the nature of politics, the office furniture, the air in his tires, What?)

You see, there are no specific answers, only emotional rants about how hard it is for a pimp (song title) and messy little innuendos that have no substance or meaning. I spent the last two days listening to Michelle Obama complain about how bad this country is and how "THEY" always raise the "BAR" (whoever they are and whatever the bar is) and it becomes very easy to think that yes, Barack Obama does hate this Country.

I heard Michelle say "Barack has seen it all"... Really? He has never seen the inside of a military uniform, or heard the cadence call of a drill instructor. He's never tasted battle or endured the sorrow of loosing men who were closer than brothers. He's never sat foot in a Prisoner of War camp much less be held hostage for 5 1/2 years. Yet she has the audacity to say He's seen it all?

"Barack's mom dared to believe she could be something in spite of coming from a small town in Kansas" M.O. said on Friday, and they're not elitists?

They both despise this Country for the bad and the good (the good because it's inconvenient to their argument), and seek to change its core values, uprooting the very freedom you (assuming you're Army) and I served and fought for.

No, I won't back off my assessment of Barack at all.

BTW, it took us 43 years to beat Army, and we'll do it again this year. Go Navy! Beat Army!
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