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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Today was a special treat for Gawfer. He had the opportunity to participate in the 2007 Annual memorial Day ride in Riverside California with about 7000 other patriots, and what an awesome feeling that was. We departed skip Fordyce Harley Davidson Dealership at 0915 and rode about 5 miles to the riverside National Cemetery. What made the ride special was all along the route, hundreds of real Americans could be found flying various sizes of 'Old Glory' and waving to the riders as we passed. There were young kids sitting on top of their back fences in pajamas waving and holding up signs that said thank you. Vets in wheel chairs draped in a US Flag smiling from ear to ear.

One family in particular I noticed was a Hispanic family, with plenty of stars and stripes and not one Mexican flag. One of many tears fell when I saw that, because it was apparent they really appreciate being here, and are not taking this country for granted.

The Riverside Police provided traffic control at every intersection, and the oncoming traffic on the other side of the street stopped to wave and salute. Amazing indeed!

Below are just a couple of pics I snapped. I have written a caption under each one so you know what you're looking at.

Very Cool Tribute Truck

A pic of some of the 7000 riders

More riders ready to ride

Gawfer's FLHX standing watch

Missing Man Formation during the Ceremony

Some 10,00 showed at the Cemetery

Listening to Amazing Grace on the bag pipes performed by the Riverside Philharmonic

Preparing for 'Colors'

A mom tending to her son's site.