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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Meme

I got tagged with this one by JarheadJohn. Understanding it's only a couple days before Christmas, I'll play along since it is indeed Christmas.

John says:"Ok, this is how it works: The player (me) must list 3 things that I would love to get for Christmas.

Then I must list 3 things that I definitely do not want to get for Christmas.

Then I tag 5 friends and list their names. The one I tag needs to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes then tag 5 more people.

They must also clarify all the rules.

When you tag someone you need to leave a comment that says “you’ve been Christmas tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read your blog. Ok everybody..

OK, here are my three Christmas wishes:

1. We are in the Bay Area for Christmas, and last night was the clodest night I've spent in years (including the time I was on the North Slope working), so I wish for comfortable and restfull nights while we're here.

2. Looks of incredible joy on my kids' faces when they see what they got for Christmas. (stole this one from JJ)

3. Senator Johnson recovers but decides to step aside.

Now for three things that I DON'T want for Christmas:

1. Being around self seeking individuals (I hate that tendancy in me, and don't like it when I see it in others).

2. Sears or Penneys warm up jackets and pants. I don't need them, but feel guilty giving them away.

3. Driving in California traffic... EVER! It beyond SUCKS!

Here's the five folks that I'll tag :
1. Anna
2. Doug
3. Andrea&Mark
4. Paul
5. Petrus