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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lets help out one of our own!

An Auction on Behalf of a Military Family
Link to the EbayAuction

If you can’t bid, that’s okay…please consider posting this on your blog to further the word! Thank you so much!

This is a request to all my readers to help out this wonderful family and in doing so, you could be the owner of personally signed copies of Lt. Col. “Buzz” Patterson’s three books. You’ve read about Ellicia on my blog before here. So, you know that she and her family are facing a situation that would break most of us. They, however, are determined to make the most of each moment and they could use our help. Below are some of the details of the upcoming auction to raise money for this family. Andrea Shea King and Mark Vance at RadioPatriot arranged this auction and are putting the word out not only on their blog, The Radio Patriots, but also on their radio show, Constitutional Public Radio. A giant thank you to both of them for taking on this wonderful endeavor!

OK, folks, here's a great opportunity to step up and help a family whose needs are far greater than most of us will ever know Ellicia'sStory. Please hit Anna's blog ASAP or the RadioPatriot and get the entire lowdown, but suffice to say I fully support this cause.

Update: the Auction will be held on Ebay. Thanks for the heads up Prying1. Get the information at the RadioPatriot